Patrick Leung Patrick Leung

Patrick Leung

Patrick Leung is a graphic designer and calligrapher based in Hong Kong, China. In 1988, while working in the in-house design department of Cathy Pacific Airways, he was already fascinated with Western calligraphy and attended his first workshop. He published his own book ‘Western Calligraphy by Chinese Hand’ in 2008. This limited edition book and some calligraphic T-shirts & his books were available exclusively at Louis Vuitton Maison Hong Kong. About 10 years ago, Patrick began to use different Chinese writing instruments mixed with Chinese ink, Chinese brushes and Chinese rice paper to create an East meets West effect. He has cultivated his works outside the box and stays at the forefront of the crowd through writing guest names on leather goods, Champagne bottles, engraving on perfume bottles and wooden boxes...etc.

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